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Introductory Applied Machine Learning

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Course Details

TitleIntroductory Applied Machine Learning
School AcronymIAML
Normal Year Taken3
Delivery PeriodS1
School Course Page
University Course PageINFR10069

Staff and Groups

The following staff are associated with this course. Please use the authenticated links below to access full group membership information, including group times, venue information and mailing lists:
Tutorial Groups
Laboratory Groups

Course Lecturer(s)
N Goddard IF-2.26 513091
Teaching Support
Demonstrator E Balkir
Demonstrator E Razumovskaia
Demonstrator L Fussell
Demonstrator M Michaelides
Demonstrator P Fulop
Demonstrator R Singh
Demonstrator T Dinev
Marker D Cochran
Marker H Cuevas Velasquez
Marker M Andrecki
Marker N Mogers
Marker P Fulop
Marker P Kokke
Marker R Singh
Teaching Assistant J Owers
Teaching Assistant P Fulop
Tutor A Seshadri diggavi
Tutor C Kapourani
Tutor E Balkir
Tutor E Razumovskaia
Tutor G Papamakarios
Tutor H Shimodaira
Tutor L Fussell
Tutor M Michaelides
Tutor N Goddard
Tutor P Fulop
Tutor T Dinev
Admin Support
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