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Informatics 1 - Data and Analysis

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Course Details

TitleInformatics 1 - Data and Analysis
School AcronymINF1-DA
Normal Year Taken1
Delivery PeriodS2
Exam/Work Weighting100% / 0%
School Course Page
University Course PageINFR08015

Staff and Groups

The following staff are associated with this course. Please use the authenticated links below to access full group membership information, including group times, venue information and mailing lists:
Tutorial Groups

Course Lecturer(s)
I Stark IF-5.04 505143
Teaching Support
Marker C O'shaughnessy
Marker D Cremarenco
Marker I Ho
Marker I Stark
Marker J Hillston
Marker J Horvath
Marker K Mehra
Marker M Appelgren
Marker O Ogunbiyi
Marker P Sinclair
Marker R Almeida
Marker R Dumitru
Marker R El-naggar
Marker S Rupprechter
Teaching Assistant R Almeida
Tutor C O'shaughnessy
Tutor D Cremarenco
Tutor I Ho
Tutor I Stark
Tutor J Hillston
Tutor J Horvath
Tutor K Mehra
Tutor M Appelgren
Tutor O Ogunbiyi
Tutor P Sinclair
Tutor R Almeida
Tutor R Dumitru
Tutor R El-naggar
Tutor S Rupprechter
Admin Support
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Lecture Times

Please see the Web Timetable link on the DRPS page.

Coursework Assignments

The following coursework is associated with this course:

Tag Title Type Assessed? Out of Worth
1 Assignment 1 Practical Yes 100 0%

Deadlines & Feedback

The following coursework deadlines are associated with this course:

Tag Deadline Outcome*
Submission Feedback
1 23/03/2017 07/04/2016 1 year 6 days late

*The Outcome will show the number of days early or late (from the "Feedback" deadline) that feedback, or marks and feedback, was distributed to the students.

University guidelines require Schools to provide feedback on all formative coursework assignments within three weeks of the submission deadline. If the marking deadlines for summative (for-credit) coursework given above exceed this period, the course involves very large amounts of marking and the course team has been given permission to advertise a longer marking period. Please contact for further information.