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Informatics 2D - Reasoning and Agents

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Course Details

TitleInformatics 2D - Reasoning and Agents
School AcronymINF2D
Normal Year Taken2
Delivery PeriodS2
School Course Page
University Course PageINFR08010

Staff and Groups

The following staff are associated with this course.

Course Lecturer(s)
A Lascarides IF-3.15A 504428
S Albrecht IF-2.06 513218
Teaching Support
Demonstrator P Chen
Demonstrator X Li
Demonstrator Z Zhao
Marker C Innes
Marker X Li
Teaching Assistant C Innes
Teaching Assistant X Li
Tutor B Yotov
Tutor D Tanase
Tutor I Kyranou
Tutor I Lau
Tutor L Fussell
Tutor M Andrecki
Tutor R El-naggar
Tutor S Wallbridge
Admin Support
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