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Informatics Research Review

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Course Details

TitleInformatics Research Review
School AcronymIRR
Normal Year Taken5
Delivery PeriodS1
School Course Page
University Course PageINFR11136

Staff and Groups

The following staff are associated with this course. Please use the authenticated links below to access full group membership information, including group times, venue information and mailing lists:
Tutorial Groups

Course Lecturer(s)
M Van Rossum IF-2.52 511211
Teaching Support
Marker A Pieris
Marker D Armstrong
Marker I Stark
Marker M Mistry
Marker P Andreadis
Marker R Shillcock
Marker S Anderson
Tutor A Pieris
Tutor D Armstrong
Tutor I Stark
Tutor M Mistry
Tutor P Andreadis
Tutor R Shillcock
Tutor S Anderson
Admin Support
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